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100 – 4000mm Lentgh Tungsten Carbide Corrugating Rolls for Corrugated Machine

Short Description:

Port: Shanghai, China
Production Capacity: 20 Sets/Month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Material Capabilities: 48crmo or 50crmo Alloy Steel
Diameter: 100-600mm
Lentgh: 100-4000mm
Flute: a.C.B.E.F.G as Customer Request
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Trademark: Huatao

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100 - 4000mm Lentgh Tungsten Carbide Corrugating Rolls For Corrugated Machine

Products Description:

New peripheral heating Corrugated rollis made of high quality alloy steel& it is a newtechnology comes recentlyIt's made by high precision CNC corrugated roll grinding machine from the USA. The quality is very good.It is treated by special corrugated roll surface treated technology. The hardness is very high.High-speed corrugated roll with big diameter. The maximum working speed is 300m/min.Gear type: UV,V. Flute type: A, B, C, BC, D, E, F optional.Fingerless suction and inner suction are optional.We are engaging in design ,repair, manufacture all kinds of corrugating roll.

100 - 4000mm Lentgh Tungsten Carbide Corrugating Rolls for Corrugated Machine

Corrugated Rollers Specification:

1. the efficiency is higher. During the working process, the heat supply is faster, the working speed of corrugating rollers can be increased, and it can be doubled as compared with the conventional tile line (from the point of thermal energy supplement).
2 the energy consumption is lower - the heating rate doubles, the corrugating roll preheating time shortens, the working efficiency is higher, and the energy consumption is lower.
3 the quality is better - the roll surface temperature is evenly distributed, and the glue on the cardboard is even more uniform. No waste products will be produced by stopping machine in the middle of production and continuing to produce single-side machine.
4 longer service life - the heating parts of the corrugated roller are longer, suitable for more full cardboard, and the use rate of corrugated roller is higher. The corrugating roll has less deformation, uniform operation and longer life.
5. Compared with other peripheral heating corrugating rolls, there is no need to change the single-side machine structure in the surrounding heating corrugating rolls in the South China Sea, which has a stronger adaptability and lower cost of transformation

Corrugating Roll Flute Type

Flute Type Flute Teeth/300mm Height of Flute
A UV 30±2 4.6-4.9
C UV 39±3 3.6-3.9
CB UV 44±2 3.0-3.4
B UV 50±2 2.6-2.9
BE UV 66±3 1.9-2.1
E UV 90±10 1.1-1.5
F UV 124±10 0.7-0.8
G UV 185±12 0.5-0.65
N UV 200±15 0.4-0.5
O UV 267 or design 0.25-0.35

Corrugated Rollers Feature:

1.Employing advanced heat treatment and plating technology, as well as high quality 48CrMo alloy steel forge piece,we can offer a wide range of rolls featuring high precision ,high hardness and long life.
2.It adopts computer assistant design,and sets allitems parameters scientifically, soitinsures the quality specification economical,reliable and reasonablel
3.It has big CNC corrugated roll precision grinding machine group,and they all work for corrugated roll.l
4.Computer control to grind the concave rolll
5.Select the good quality of 48CrMo, 50CrMo alloy steel forge piece
Adopt Germany advanced process to quenchin super ficialinter mediate frequency,hardened layer>7mm,hardness>HRC58-60(HS73-80),the hardness uniform with no soft zone.l
6.We adopt the most advanced high-efficiency Atotech.Heef-25micro-cracks functional chrome plating technology and equipment,to be morerigid,smoother,more light,more wear-resistant surface hard chrome plating,electroplating longer life than ordinary more than 25 percent.
7.We provide repair service for old corrugated roll at anytime

Packaging & Shipping

1.Packing : Use non-fumigation wooden box, it's convenient to customs clearance.Could save customers more time.
2.Delivery Time:Shipped in 60days after payment

100 - 4000mm Lentgh Tungsten Carbide Corrugating Rolls for Corrugated Machine

Inspection of corrugated roller before installation

(1) clean and check the corrugated surface appearance of corrugated roller (including the quality of surface plating).

(2) clean and check all fastening parts of connection (including internal and external threads).

(3) check the outer diameter and middle height of corrugated roll (the whole roll surface is divided into more than five measuring points from both ends to the middle).The middle and high detection points are odd, and the middle and high data should be symmetrical on both sides.Measure with the outside diameter micrometer of corresponding specification (outside diameter micrometer can be bought commonly by electromechanical company).

(4) check the corrugated roll height.Needle type depth dial meter measurement (needle type depth dial meter is not currently bought in China, must be imported.Or may use the ordinary depth dial gauge to change the system).

(5) clean and check the outer diameter and appearance of each shaft gear of corrugated roller, and measure the outer diameter with the micrometer of corresponding specifications.

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