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3600/300 Double-Wire Multi-Cylinder Test Liner Board Paper Machine

Short Description:

Port: Shanghai, China

Transport Package: Stardard Export Packing
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Type: Paperboard
Sheet Former Type: Fourdrinier Wire
Paper Thickness: Thick Paper
Automation: Automatic
Certification: CE
Customized: Customized

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Basic Info.


Paper Grade
Kraft, Test Line, Medium

Paper Weight

Machine Design Speed
20m - 800m/Min

Machine Working Speed
20m - 600m/Min

Paper Net Width



3600/300 Double-wire Multi-cylinder Test Liner Board Paper Machine


Mainly used for makingKraft Paper, Corrugated Paper, Liner Paper, Paper Carton, etc,

Equipments technology flow:

Air cushion headbox---double wire (top ply and base wire)--- 750/φ800 scution pre-press---φ1320 double felt jumbo roll press---φ1320 double felt jumbo roll press--- front dry:20sets of Φ1800mm dryer (arrangement is 6+8+8)--- φ800/φ800 sizing machine---rear dry section: 6sets of Φ1800mm dryers (6)---double roll hard calender---B/M (reservated position)---horizontal rolls-type drum reeling machine.

  • Main Technical Parameters
  • 1.1technical parameters

Paper product: Kraft paper, Test Liner board

Basis weight: 110~150 g/m2

Calculate basis weight: 112g/m2

Trim width: 3600mm

Reel width: 3350mm

Wire width: 3800mm

Nozzle speed: 3650mm

Working speed: 300m/min

Design speed: 350m/min

Crawl speed: 25m/min

Nominal capacity: 68t/d (112gsm, 150m/min, 3300mm, 100% efficiency)

Gauge: 4350mm

Drive type: AC frequency converter sectional drive

Arrangement: single-layer layout, right hand machine (standing at reel machine and looking toward machine direction, drive side is on right hand side)

1.2 technology condition1.2.1Pulp ratio

Top ply: pulp %

Base ply: pulp %

1.2.2 paper grammage and pulp consistency

Top ply: 40~60g/m2 pulp consistency:0.3~0.6%

Base ply: 70~90g/m2 pulp consistency:0.5~1.0%

1.2.3 paper technology parameters

Dryness into press: ≥22%

Dryness into dryer: ≥44%

Dryness into sizing machine: 92%

Dryness out of sizing machine: 65~70%

Sizing glue quantity: 2.5~3g/m2(each surface), glue solid content: 8~12%

Dryness of finished paper: 92%

Horizontal shrinking percentage (average): ≤4%

Horizontal moisture deficit: ≤±7.5%

Horizontal grammage deficit: ≤±1.0%

Dryness when every ply paper recombinating: ≥12%

1.3 liner tension of wire and felt

Forming wire 8kN/m 7kN/m

felt 5kN/m 4kN/m

dry wire 5kN/m 3kN/m

1.4 requirements on water, electricity, steam and compressed air1.4.1 fresh water and clarified water

Requirement: pure, colorless, sand-removed.

Pressure: 3MPa,0.4MPa two types

PH valve: 6-8

1.4.2 power supply

Motor voltage: 380/220±5%

Control voltage: 24V

Frequency: 50HZ±1%


Steam pressure:Max. working pressure of dryer: 0.5MPa

1.4.4 hydraulic system

Nominal pressure: 16Mpa

Set working pressure: 14Mpa

Filtering oil accuracy: 20μm

Supplying oil temperature: ≤30ºC

3600/300 Double-Wire Multi-Cylinder Test Liner Board Paper Machine

3600/300 Double-Wire Multi-Cylinder Test Liner Board Paper Machine
3600/300 Double-Wire Multi-Cylinder Test Liner Board Paper Machine

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