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SUS Vibrating Screen for Pulping

Short Description:

 SUS Vibrating Screen for Pulping can be used to separate minerals into various sizes for further processing in crusher. It incorporates a vibrator, eccentric block, mesh, spring, triangular belt and motor and is used for discharging bulky goods, sand, gravel, coal and coke from hopper to crusher. We can design and supply all ranges of vibrating screens according to the capacity and requirement.


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SUS Vibrating Screen for Pulping


Ashing Spring Type SUS Vibrating Screen for Pulping process and ror removing various impurities aof pulp suspension. Mainly consists of the eccentric block vibrator, screen box, motor, and supportive device. Through the flexible coupling, the motor drives the eccentric block of the vibrator rotate at high speed, generating the centrifugal force, and then causing the screen box do circular movement by the amplitude. After that, the materials in the slope screen surface will be cast continuously by the force generated from the screen box, then realizes the purpose of classifying.



When the cleaner working,the stock run to the bottom of gasseal room by stock level controlling device,and the screen body is vibrated under the affect of vibration producer, then the pressure puls eis formed.
This cleaning method by pressure pulse can not only make the screen plate more cleanly but decrease the loadon the screen plate.


Main Specification:

Model HT3
Screening Area 3m2
Production Capacity 25-75T/D
Vibration Amplitude 2-4mm
Power 4 KW
Sieve Plate SS Material
Hole Dia 2mm
Body Construction SS 304(Thickness 4-5mm)



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