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Automatic Paper Egg Tray Making Line

Short Description:

Product Type:Egg Tray Machine

Processing Type: Pulp Molding Machine

Raw Material: Waste Paper

Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3phase

Power: 15KW

Production Capacity: 500-9000pcs per hour, customerize

Core Components:

PLC, Pressure vessel, Other, Engine, Gear, Motor, Pump, Bearing, Gearbox

Finished Products: Egg Tray / Egg Carton

Product Detail

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Product Introduction for Egg Tray Production Line:

 This machine is named paper egg tray machine, or Pulp molding machine.

 They can produce the different paper trays, for example: paper egg tray, paper egg box, paper bottle tray,paper fruit tray, paper coffee tray,and so on.,only the pulp products, and you can offer the smaple,our machine can produce them.

Product advantages introduction:

1. Using imported transmission, the equipment has long service life and stable operation

2. The dehydration part is sealed with 304 stainless steel and mechanical seal. The equipment is more wear-resistant, and it is not prone to aging and air leakage.

3. The operation and positioning of the equipment use traditional mechanical principles, no error, not easy to malfunction, and overcome the shortcomings of electrical control

4. The main engine dehydration box adopts large-diameter stick bearings, stable operation and long service life

Related instructions:

1. The size of the egg tray is generally: 30*30 cm, and the weight of the finished egg tray is 80-100g.

2. The labor requirements are generally as follows: 1 person for pulping, 1 person for forming, 2 people for packing, 1 person for warehouse. (Excluding the drying part)

3. Land occupation: In general, it needs 1000 square meters for drying, and 200 square meters for equipment.

4. it is a steel structure drying tunnel, the area occupied by the equipment is: 30m*15m*4m. Suggested workshop: 50m*15m*4m

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