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Dandy Roll For Paper Machine

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Dandy roll is used on paper machine fourdrinier wire section for those paper grade which requires better formation and minimumdifference of two surface.

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Dandy Roll For Paper Machine


Huatao dandy roll systems are efficient formers to improve paper uniformity; reduce the difference between the two sides of the paper, enhanced paper physical characteristics. Mainly used in the fourdrinier machine (paper machine speed < 700m/min), with a small investment but be very effective. It is easy for installation and operation. Mostly used in printing and writing paper, special paper, cardboard etc.



Roll Diameter (mm): Ø600, Ø800, Ø1000, Ø1200, Ø1400, Ø1500
Face Length: 2000-6000mm
Application: Writing printing paper, decoration paper, specialty paper, copier, coated duplex board (middle layer)
Grammage range: 25-150GSM
PM operating speed range: 100-600MPM
Dandy roll speed: 100-110RPM
Supply Scope: Complete set of dandy roll with driving and control.
Material: SUS304/ SUS316L



1.Finish the paper surface and give the paper the required dandy.

2.Improve the evenness of the paper.

3.The effect of destroying and eliminating air bubbles in the paper web.




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