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Dryer Cylinder for Paper Mill

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The dryer is made of cast iron, which has two ends of a hollow cylinder. It is made up of cylinder block and cylinder head at both ends. The outer diameter is mostly 800mmto 4000mm.

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Dryer Cylinder for Paper Mill


The number of cast iron dryers accounts for about 2/3 of the total number of pressure vessels in the paper industry. The material for making the dryer is generally HT200 and HT250. In the manufacture of quality requirements and no penetration and large blisters, in order to increase the smoothness of the paper, the outer surface of the dryer polished inner surface turning light, keep the cylinder wall thickness is consistent, in order to ensure safety, balance and heat evenly throughout the dryer. The dryer is used to dry the paper sheets in the water, surface finishing.

Following Dryer Cylinder Info As other partner's specification:

1. Shell Material is HT300; Header Material is HT300; Journal Material is QT400-15 ;
2. Working Pressure: 0.52 MPa (5.2Kg/cm2); Testing Pressure 10.4Kg/cm2;
3. Paper Machine Speed: 650 MPM;
4. Dynamic Balancing With 650m/min G2.5;
5.Roughness Of Shell: Ra0.4-0.7;
6. Shell Thickness:25.4MM;
7. Hardness:180HB-210HB;



1. Excellent welding process applied for steel plates eliminating possible leakages.

2. Improve drying moisture cross profile. Increase cylinder drying capacity.

3. Increase the area and the rate of water filtration, increase production.

4. Improve the quality of paper, including the degree of uniformity, weight, aspect ratio.

5. Reduce the copper net, cloth etc. consumption and maintenance cos.

6. To strengthen the integrity of the equipment and anti-corrosion performance, durable.


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