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Felt Suction Box Dewatering Element

Short Description:

The felt suction box includes a box body, on which a dehydration panel is arranged, and the dehydration panel includes a bottom supporting plate.For dewatering of the forming section.

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Felt Suction Box Dewatering Element


Felt suction box description:

The structure design of the felt suction box is a sealed structure. It is sucked by a vacuum pump, thereby accelerating the drying of the paper, enhancing the dehydration effect and the forming of the paper. Both ends of the panel are equipped with adjusting blocks to adjust the width of the suction opening of the paper sheet.

Felt suction box material:

Panel material:
A. ultra-high molecular polyethylene panel     
B. zirconia ceramics
C. alumina ceramic panel                                     
D. micro crystal glass plate
Box body: SS304

Felt suction box type:   

Single slot felt suction box
Double slot felt suction box
Three slot felt suction box
The different paper machine, different kinds of paper, different speed, can choose different panels.                                                                                                                                                        

Feature Of Felt Suction Box Cover:

Sintering in high temperature
Ultrafine grain
Uniform and dense
Excellent physical and chemical properties

Supply Scope Of Felt Suction Box:

Top Panel
SS 304 Box  Body
Vacuum Gauge
Base support

Felt suction box and part pictures:



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