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Guide Roller for Paper Industry

Short Description:

The guide roller is a common component in paper making, and it plays the role of supporting the wire, wet felt, and dryer felt during operation.

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Guide Roller for Paper Industry



Stainless steel guide roller for paper production machinery

Guide roll used in paper, textile, printing and dyeing, iron and steel industry, from the drive guide, material selection, high-quality, seamless,

roller surface coated rubber, composite, Copper or Chrome.


Manufacturing Standard:

1.Shell in seamless Carbon Steel pipe or rolling (steel) plate
2.Cast Iron hubs
3.Alloy Steel journals
4.Cast Iron bearing housings
5.Grease lubrication



1.Stainless Steel bearing housing
2.Oil lubrication
3.Shell finishing:
4.Chrome layer
5.Rubber cover
6.Stainless Steel shell



Guide Roll is used for delivering the product (Such as deliver the paper or deliver the felt and dryer screen in paper making process).



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