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Why to use Graphite sealing strips for Suction Vacuum Roller for Board and paper making

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HUATAO GROUP design and Supply kinds of vacuum roll, vacuum press roller, vacuum suction roller and produces graphite sealing strip used for board and paper making machine.Special used for Press section of board and paper machinery.

The vacuum suction roll graphite sealing strip, graphite seal strip of vacuum press roller, and vacuum suction roll graphite sealing strip can reach two years, which solves the big problem of frequent shutdown and maintenance of the paper mill and improves the opening rate.

The advantage of this product is never wear the inner wall of the vacuum roller body, greatly improve the vacuum degree, and achieve the ideal use effect of the paper factory. .... .

Suction Vacuum Rolls


This product is a high purity graphite seal strip, mainly used for vacuum pressing rollers and vacuum suction rollers with a speed of 100 m to 1800 m per minute. Graphite seal strip itself has self-lubrication, wear resistance, not easy to deform in use, never wear and wear roll body. Due to its high purity, the roll body rotates rapidly when use, creating static electricity between the two. Under mutual exclusion, a gap is formed, while the water ejected through the sprinkler pipe or the vacuum inhaled water rapidly forms a water ring between the roll body wall and the graphite sealing strip, which also forms a water layer when passing through the gap, called the water seal layer. The material itself has high temperature resistance, high density and high smoothness. Under the action of vacuum and strong water suction, the water seal layer is tightly maintained when the water layer passes through the gap, producing a high sealing degree. Therefore, the graphite seals are incomparable to other materials. For example, ' use of polymer polyethylene plate for seal, because it does not have lubrication high temperature resistance, no static electricity, can not form a water ring seal layer, under the condition of high speed operation and tire pressure top close seal, it quickly tighten the roll wall, quickly deformation and increase the friction coefficient, also damage the wall of the roll, damage the sealing performance, high repair rate, increase the maintenance cost.

Shell of Vacuum roller 

Generally speaking, the higher the speed, the thicker it forms the water seal layer, paper locomotive speed in 100 m / min- - -1800 m / minute, water seal layer between 0.5-1.1 mm, long service life, reduce downtime, improve probability, greatly for the paper factory productivity.

Sealing strips


Graphite seal material is designed especially to the professional requirements of vacuum roller seal.
Low coefficient of friction, low energy loss.


Any Request with suction Press roll,Vacuum couch roller and Vacuum touch roller for paper nad board making, Pls contact with HUATAO to get best price and fast delivery time.


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