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High Consistency Pulper Screen Plate

Short Description:

Screen plate is mainly used in pulp machine such as D-type hydropulper, HC hydropulper, fiber separator ,etc. Slot diameter and size can be made according to customer’s requirment. We have High chromium cast iron, nickel chromium alloy, alloy, stainless steel, tungsten carbide ,these material are available for customer.

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High Consistency Pulper Screen Plate


The Screen Plate is used in hydrapulper or D-pulper or Fiber Seperator. Screen plate work as a strainer that separates large, uncut particles from pulp to separate and collect them to other containers. The pulp is passed through the strainer for further procedure. Contaminants stay collected on screen plate and don't mix with the pulp. Screen plate works continuously into the water. Therefore, it has to be made by corrosion resistance material.


Screen Plate Specification:

Material High chromium cast iron/Nickel chromium alloy/Alloy/Stainless steel (321, 304,316,316L)/ Tungsten carbide
Hardness HRC40-68
Technical Electro-polishing
Surface Chorme plated
Dia 600mm - 3500mm
Hole dia 8mm 10mm 12mm
Thickness 4mm-25mm


Screen Plate Advantage:

1. Uniform filter pores, high permeability and anti-blocking performance.
2. Large filtration area, small flow resistance and good pulping effect.
3. Excellent corrosion resistance.
4. The filter pores are stable and have strong resistance to deformation.

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