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High-Precision Wear-Resistant Ceramic Anilox Roll

Short Description:

Port: Shanghai, China
Production Capacity: 20 Sets/Month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Material Capabilities: 48crmo or 50crmo Alloy Steel
Diameter: 100-600mm
Lentgh: 100-4000mm
Flute: a.C.B.E.F.G as Customer Request
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Trademark: Huatao

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High-precision Wear-resistant Ceramic Anilox Roll

It is widely used in carton printing machines, flexo printing machines, and high-precision coating machines ofanodized aluminum, gold and silver card, composite film, optical film, protective film, lithium battery separator and ribbon industries.

1.The high-precision roll is suitable for the operation of the equipment with high speed and high efficiency.
2.The ceramic coating is more denser, better and wear-resistant than traditional coating, which can ensure high screen line engraving and smoother surface.
3.The thinner cell wall and the best ratio of pitch and depth can get more volume in unit area.
4.The smoother cell wall ensure the roll gets a excellent release and transfer performance,which means more thicker and uniform layer.
5. The accurate cell shape and the same cell volume makes it easier to control the transfer volume of ink or coating medium.
6. The diversified selections of cell shapes can meet the needs of different transfer requirements under different conditions.

High-Precision Wear-Resistant Ceramic Anilox Roll

Roll Specification

Roll Diameter: φ50~600mm
Surface Length: L100~5800mm
Screen Line: 50~2000 L/in ( 20~800 L/cm )

Cell Specification

Cell Shape: Hexagon, Diamond, Tri-helical and other special shapes
Cell Angle: 60°,45°,30°and other special requirements,Tri-heliacal 1~89°

Quality Precision

CylinderRunout:0.005~0.01 mm
Cylindricity:0.01 mm
Dynamic Balance Quality Level: G2.5

Excellent Performance Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Coating

1.The Anticorrosion Nickel-chrome Powder Undercoating
2.The Special Cr2O3 Powder coating
3.The Special Ceramic Sealant Re-protection
4.Porosity: 1~3% (which can engrave 2000 L/in)
5.Coating Hardness: HV0.3≥1250
6.Coating Strength: 40-60Mpa

Selection OfAnilox Volume

The right choice of anilox volume is according to the different performance of your machines(including the scraping method, the working accuracy, theworking speed, etc),the specification of the ink or coating medium, the different substrate materials and the demands of ink or coating medium. Then refer to the form of anilox cell geometry and volume,we can choose the appropriate cell specification.

We can also engrave the different cell shapes with different transfer volume to meet the needs of special requirements.

High-Precision Wear-Resistant Ceramic Anilox Roll
High-Precision Wear-Resistant Ceramic Anilox Roll

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