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High quality defoamer/antifoaming agent for paper making chemicals paper additive

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The main component of this product is high carbon alcohol compound. It has good defoaming and anti-foaming effects, does not affect the basic properties of foaming system, and has good resistance to high temperature, alkali, dispersion and phase
solubility. In the paper making process, it can effectively remove the air in the fiber, improve the papermaking process conditions, promote dehydration, increase the speed of the paper machine, and ensure the safe operation of the paper machine.

*Product Details

Appearance                        white emulsion

Density(20℃, mPa•s)         0.95-1.0

Viscosity(25℃, mPa•s)       ≤400

Solid Content                      29%-32%

pH Value                             6.0-8.0



1. The defoamer is composed of polysiloxane, modified polysiloxane, silicone resin, white carbon black, dispersing agent and stabilizer, etc.
2. At low concentrations, it can maintain good elimination bubble suppression effect.
3. Foam suppression performance is prominent
4. Easily dispersed in water
5. The compatibility of low and foaming medium
6. To prevent the growth of microorganisms

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Package: 25kg/drum, 200kg/drum, 1000kg/IBC

1. Stored temperature10-30℃, it can’t be placed in the sun .
2.Cannot add acid, alkali, salt and other substances.
3.This product will appear layer after a long time storage, but it will not be affected after stir.
4.It will be frozen under 0℃, it will not be affected after stir.
Shelf Life: 6 months.


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