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Dewatering Element High Vacuum Suction Box

Short Description:

The vacuum suction box dewatering is based on the suction effect of the vacuum pump, which generates a high pressure difference between the top and bottom of the paper to force the dewatering of the wet paper. It is hoped that the regrind department can transfer the paper to the press department with a higher dryness.

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Dewatering Element High Vacuum Suction Box


High Vacuum Suction Box Description

The vaccum range is 10-33KPA, the seam width is 13-20mm, and the box is adjusted and sand blasted. They must installed in such a way that enables the strips or covers to expand without restriction ( T-bars,corner strips, dovetail guides, screws in elongated holes ).  This support must extend to the underside of the cover to guarantee the flat installation surfacer element.

High Vacuum Suction Box Material:

Panel material:

A. ultra-high molecular polyethylene panel

B. zirconia ceramics

C. alumina ceramic panel

D. micro crystal glass plate

Box body: SS304


High Vacuum Suction Box Type:

* Single vacuum box

* Bi vacuum box ( Double vacuum box )

* Tri vacuum box ( Three vacuum box )



Hihg Vacuum Suction Box Advantages:

Sandblasted for the stainless steel box.

Ceramic panel with high resistance and long service life.


Supply Scope Of High Vacuum Suction Box:

* Top Panel

* SS 304 Box  Body

* Vacuum Gauge

* Valve

* Base support



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