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Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinders Paper Making Line Paper Machine

Short Description:

Min. Order: 1 Set
Port: Tianjin, China
Production Capacity: 50 Sets/ Month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
Type: Cultural Paper
Sheet Former Type: Fourdrinier Wire
Paper Thickness: Thin Paper
Automation: Automatic
Customized: Customized
Condition: New

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This rewinding machine is used for slitting 40-120g / m2 high-grade cultural paper initially rolled on the paper machine, and rewinding it into a finished paper roll with width and tightness. Good paper, bonded broken ends, this machine is a high-low layout structure.

Work principle:
The roll paper removed from the paper roll is placed on the paper ejection rack.The paper ejection rack is equipped with an AC frequency conversion motor and a photoelectric encoder to maintain a uniform tension in the paper web. The paper web is pulled out from the paper roll, passed through the upper paper feeding device and the guide roller device, and after being stretched by the arc roller, it is slit by the slitting system, and then passes the arc roller and the paper device to bypass the back support roller The paper roll is wound on the paper roll. The paper roll is driven by two supporting rollers to drive the whole paper sheet forward. This machine has the function of counting length and diameter, and can realize automatic stop of fixed length or fixed diameter.

Supply Scope:
The control system of this rewinding machine mainly includes: adopting imported digital AC variable frequency speed governor and photoelectric encoder to form dual closed-loop control of speed and current; program control of torque difference between front and rear bottom rollers; closed-loop control of paper web tension; paper guide Tracking control of roll-to-paper speed; automatic control of the pressure of the platen roller; settable curve tracking control of the paper speed by the slitter blade; control of the speed and overspeed protection of the ejection motor; overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheating of each motor Protection control; paper break detection and brake control; diameter detection and fixed-diameter parking control; pneumatic and hydraulic motion control; safety interlocking control, thereby achieving uniform roll hardness, flat cutting disc surface, easy to divide and ensure reliable and safe operation .
It is composed of AC inverter, programmable controller and human-machine interface. It is controlled by digital communication system. KTP-1200 touch control screen is equipped on the console. All parameters can be displayed through touch control screen. Advanced control, convenient operation and observation.

Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinders Paper Making Line Paper Machine
Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinders Paper Making Line Paper Machine

Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinders Paper Making Line Paper Machine

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