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Low Consistency Cleaner for Paper Pulp Making Mill

Short Description:

Low consistency cleaner slag removal equipment are ideal equipment that utilize the theory of centrifugal to get rid light & heavy in thick liquid material such as mixed sticky poeder ,sandstone ,paraffin wax ,heat melt glue ,plastics pieces ,dust ,foam , gas ,scrap iron and printing ink particle etc.

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Low Consistency Cleaner for Paper Pulp Making Mill


Low consistency cleaner is suitable for cleaning fiber suspen- sion with the consistency of 0.4-1.2%. It can effciently remove light impurities, hot melt impurities, heavy impurities, pulp rejects etc. In addition, it can also remove foam plastics, chips fragments,ink particles and air effciently,which results in purifying stock in the approach system prior to paper machine.It can make coarse screen in the recycled paper fiber effciently,simplify the processing procedures and reduce power consumption.


Low consistency cleaner feature:

It features with a longer separate cone and incorporates a centered deaeration tube,which results in higher effciency in removing impurities as well as being able to remove light impurities,hot melt ma- terial and air.
When using low consistency cleaner.almost no jam will happen in the operation, it ensures tigh effciency in cleaning stock as well as accepts with high and constant quality.


Low consistency cleaner specification:

Single pc Flow Capacity 580-600 L/min
Inlet Slurry Consistency 5%
Normal operation pressure difference (design value) 0.16Mpa
Inlet pressure (maximum) 0.4Mpa
Single stage volumetric discharge rate 4~8%
Single stage solids discharge rate 12~20%
Operating temperature Max 80°C



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