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Paper Making Felt

Short Description:

Paper making machine felt is used in press section. It is classified into 3 parts according to different weaving types, including single layer BOM felt, double layer BOM felt, and laminated layer BOM felt. The paper making felt plays an important role in removing the water from the paper web after the forming section, and at the same time imparting smoothness and conveying it to the dryer section.

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Paper MakingFelt

Paper Making Felt are durable products that go through a roll press along with paper to remove water from the wet web by absorbing the water without damaging the sheet.

Working Principle:

In the press section of a paper machine, water is removed from the newly formed sheet. The paper sheet is carried by a press fabric between two rolls, where water is removed with the application of pressure. also can be assisted by the use of vacuum and heat.

Paper Making Felt


A papermakers' felt for the press or dewatering section of a papermaking machine is formed with an inner woven fabric and with a plurality of longitudinally extending, transversely spaced heavy yarns or strands which are supported on the bottom surface of the fabric by a relatively light cross-machine yarn or binder pick which interconnects the heavy strands with the warp yarns of the fabric. It is a kind of precious material in paper making industry. It can be divided into three types: wet felt, upper felt and dry felt according to the uses

There are Two series of papermaking felt available in the market, Endless and Seam Felt
And Endless Press Fabric could be divided in to some types according to the structure, Single Layer Felt, Double Layer, and Laminated 1+1, 1+1+1 , 1+2, 2+1, 2+2.

Paper Making Felt


1. High anti-compaction capacity.
2. Extremely high elasticity and recoverability.
3. Strong drainability abd larger void volumn.
4. Long holding time of wear resistance and plastic strength of felt.
5. Smooth felt surface and even pressure distribution.


Q: How to make an inquiry of paper making press felt for paper mills?

A:You need to provide speed of paper making machine, kind of paper, weight of paper and the quantity to ask an offer, you can also indicate if you have any special requirement. We'll provide a formal quotation list after your inquiry received.

Q: Could you provide free sample?

A:Yes, we can provide free sample together with our catalogue. But the courier charge will on your side. We'll send back the courier charge if you make an order.

Q: If the products can be customized?

A:Welcome OEM and ODM service, custom designs and dimensions are acceptable.

Q: How long about the delivery time?

A:Usually the delivery time is 7-10 days,for mass order,which based on your quantity.

If you have any question about that, can contact us at any time.

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