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Paper Making Felt with Good Water Filtration

Short Description:

Paper making felt is used in press section. It is classified into 3 parts according to different weaving types, including single layer BOM felt, double layer BOM felt, and laminated layer BOM felt. The paper making felt plays an important role in removing the water from the paper web after the forming section, and at the same time imparting smoothness and conveying it to the dryer section.

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Seam Felt / Seam Fabrics

The seam felt is our high technology requirement felt, which is very populer in the paper mills' choices. The seam version has the most efficient twist level in the base fabric with mono loops in the engineered seam area. The endless design offers higher flexibility for easier installation, which makes the handling even safer.

The seam felt could be divided into two kinds as follows,

1+1 Layer with Single Seam type seam felt
2+2 Layer with Double seam type seam feltPaper Making Felt with Good Water Filtration


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