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Paper Pulp Cleaning High Consistency Cleaner

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Port: Shanghai, China
Production Capacity: 200 Sets/Month
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
Product Type: Waste Paper Pulp
Usage: Packing Paper Machine
Certification: ISO
Condition: New
Material: Alunina Ceramic/Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel
Experience: 13 Years

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High Consistency Cleaner:
The process of waste paper pulping is to remove all kinds of impurity from waste pulp, but in the pulping process it will inevitably encounter impurity breaking into smaller pieces. How to aovid impurity breaking into smaller pieces as fas as possible when getting high quality pulp, it always is the goal for many paper maker experts. 
High Consistency Cleaner used on wastepaper pulping Production LineHigh consistency cleaner of Impurity Cleaning Equipment is the ideal paper making equipment used to remove the metal, sand and other heavy impurities with a large specific gravity in the paper pulp at a higher concentration to obtain the pulp stock of high quality. Meanwhile, it is also the necessary equipment for pulping and purifying of waste paper.Paper Pulp Cleaning High Consistency Cleaner Used on Paper Recycling Production Line

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