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Paper Pulp Hydraulic Headbox for Paper Machinery

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The hydraulic headbox adjusts the pulp speed by adjusting the feeding pressure of the pulp pump, which is suitable for high-speed paper machines.

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Paper Pulp Hydraulic Headbox for Paper Machinery



Hydraulic headbox (full hydraulic flow with air cushion headbox) to adapt to the speed of 300-750m/min, 1760-5500 machine, slurry from the tapered duct passes through a group of small diameter and step change control, into the stable pulp chamber above the chamber has a steady decay chamber. It has a air cushion and a spray device to eliminate bubbles and reduce pressure pulses and leave a overflow outlet. The isobaric slurry flows through the turbulence generator from the slurry chamber. Reach the weir plate on the convergent channel.



Material: Stainless Steel

Cone Return Flow: 10%

Shrinking Percentage: 3-4%

Finished Paper Dryness: 92%

Designed Speed: 500m/Min

Working Speed: 400m/Min


Its function is to supply even and stable pulp flow to the wire section of paper machine.Every head box design has its special technical conditions,which is different according to the kind of stock,speed,flow and so on.





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