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Paper Roll Cutting Machine

Short Description:

Paper Width: Between 3cm and 2.8m, could customerize

Paper DIA:  Between 35cm to 1.8m, could customerize

Time consuming: It’ll take 5min to cut 1.25m DIA and 140g Kraft card board,time consuming conversely to weight. 6 volumes can be cut per hour in average.

Voltage: 380V

Frequency: 50HZ

Blade Diameter: according to the Paper DIA

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Paper Roll Cutting Machine:

This Automatic Reel Slitting Machine can cut different width paper rolls and provide on-site roll paper cutting processing services. It is widely used in paper mill, packaging, and printing factory for cutting the paper rolls which are soaked, wormed, bigger or special specification according to customer demands, also including the kraft paper, corrugated paper, white card, etc.



1. With Circular Blade

2. With saw Blade


Working principle:

1. Put the Paper Roll on the tow paper rack

2. Then open the machine

3. While the circle saw running, the paper roll will run too according, to cut the paper roll

While the pape roll cut well, the circle blade will stop work and teturn back



Item  Name Size
1 Paper Width  Between 3cm and 2.8m, could customerize
2 Paper DIA Between 35cm to 1.8m,   could customerize
3 Time consuming It’ll take 5min to cut 1.25m DIA and 140g Kraft card board,time consuming conversely to weight. 6 volumes can be cut per hour in average.
4 Voltage 380V
5 Frequency 50HZ
6 Blade Diameter according to the Paper DIA
7 How to Place Plat on level ground, willfully adjust allowed
8 Blade life time The blade should be sharpened by special tool after 700 times cutting. The blade should be return to factory to be replaced after 6 times polished. We provide the reference price of the blade and the contact of the blade vendor.
9 Practicallity The machine is made with iron accord with GB. It is durable and will not be deformed. Full welding and secure. It manufactured with the famous brand electronic components which is durable and have stable performance.



1. There is no need to consider the trouble of controlling the rewinding speed by the force of the original paper, directly slitting, no need to rewind the paper.
2. Reduce the loss of base paper. The normal cutting loss of base paper with a diameter of 1m to 1.3m is 10-15kg per knife, but if the technology is not good for rewinding, the loss will be less than 50kg.
3. Reduce the trimming loss of rewinding. After slitting, it can be directly put on the production line without trimming. It is inevitable that the rewinding machine will have uneven paper edges and wrinkles in the middle of the paper.
4. The slitting is fast, and the processing time for slitting to the required size is only 20% of the high-speed rewinder.
5.The cutting surface is smooth and flat, and the error is controlled within 2mm.
6. The processing range is wide, and the soaked paper that cannot be directly rewinded by the rewinding machine, the insect bite and the sticky edge paper can be directly cut.
7. There will be no increase in the number of sections of the paper roll, and it is inevitable that the rewinder will be broken. The number of broken ends depends on the quality of the rewinder and the technical level of the operators.
8. One employee can operate.
9.Simple maintenance.


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