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Polyester Flat Yarn Dryer Screen to Paper Machine

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Dryer fabric can be classified depending on weaving struction can be divided into woven type and spiral type. The main function of the dryer fabric is to improve the contact between the paper and the dryer in the process of guiding the wet paper through the drying section, so as to obtain high output, low energy consumption and give the paper good performance.

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Polyester Flat Yarn Dryer Screen to Paper Machine



Huatao's spiral dryer fabric is made by using the latest international nonwoven technology and equipment. Our spiral fabric belt for the paper dryer is made out by high-viscosity PET yarn with hydrolysis resistant masterbatch additive, to achieve much better durable properties and long service life. The spiral linked dryer fabrics featured for its continuous seamless screen, excellent strength and abrasion & distortion resistance, greater and adjustable ventilation.

The unique seamless spiral linked screen surface is ideal for the drying sector of mark sensitive papers, and the application where a seam is unacceptable. Each spiral loop could be joint, the seam is identical to the fabric body itself. It's easy to install and repair to reduce downtime and increase long-life of the seam to save cost.



Screen Style: Spiral
Heat Resistant: 180 °C
Tension: 170KN/M
Edge Treatment: Heat Treat With Resin 1 inch
Spiral Seam: Spiral Seam Self (SLDF)
Permeability: 500-1000 CFM



1.Strong seam design.Excellent drying and heat transfer-Good drainage and permeability, long lifetime-Smooth surface and Stable structure
2.Good runnability reduces paper flutter and breaks
3.Contamination resistant and easy cleaning for good using life







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