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Press Roll for Paper Making

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Paper press rolls are responsible for the drying process of paper production. Used in wire section, press section for paper machine.

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Press Roll for Paper Making



Press Roll is used for press section quickly dewatering and add the physical properties of paper.
Roller Surface covered rubber, rubberthickness is 20-25mm, rubber provided by STOWE Woodward.
Roller and inside and outside diameter will be processed.
We will process rollers' dynamic balance to improve machines' stability.
The dynamic balance grade is G1.6
And before the spindle head has been installed ,we will make the second dynamic balance.


Diameter 1000-1500mm
Face length 1900-6000mm
Dynamic balancing speed 250-1200m/min
Dynamic balancing quality G2.5/G4
Application for paper mill



1.High surface stability, no marking, sufficient operating volume.
2.High wear resistance and impact resistance.
3.Strong dehydration ability.



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