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Pulp Pump Industrial Chemical Resistant Pump

Short Description:

Single-stage centrifugal pump with full-open impeller design.
Suitable for conveying slurry or clean water with a pulp concentration of 0-6%.
The scope has pump, base frame for placing pump and standard motor, with screw coupling, coupling protection cover, anchor bolts.

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Pulp Pump Industrial Chemical Resistant Pump

Structure:Single-stage Pump, Single-stage Pump
Application:papermaking, paper making
Power:Electric, Electric
Pressure:Low Pressure, atmospheric pressure
material:wear-resistant steel
Theory:Centrifugal Pump, Centrifugal Pump
Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

Electric Stainless Steel Theory Paper Pulp Pump

1.High efficiency and energy saving. The efficiency is 3-10% higher than the conventional pulp pump on average, energy saving and consumption reducing up to 15-30%
2.Cavitation performance, long life. Actual service life is 2-3 times higher than ordinary pulp pump
3.Reasonable structure, easy maintenance. Maintenance without dismantling piping, just move the motor backwards, you can carry out the disassembly and repair of the pump.
It is using to Metallurgy, power plant, sugar, paper-making, foodstuff industry.
Assembly and Disassembly
Whether the pump is assembled correctly affects its performance greatly. The outlet center line of the impellers must be aligned to its inlet center line, and the overall performance will be affected and the efficiency will be reduced consequently if there is a slight deviation, therefore, the sealing clearances between the rotary part and the fixed part should meet the specification. If the clearance is too small, the service life of the pump will be shortened by wear of components and vibration of pump; if the clearance is too large, the pump`s efficiency will be lowered down by the growing leakage. Assembly and disassembly of the pump must be carried out according to the General Assembly Drawing.

Non Clogging Industry Centrifugal Pump

The type ofNon Clogging Industry Centrifugal Pumpcan deliver all kinds of sewage, clear water, seawater, bittern water, waste water and sludgeso that it can be used in water supply plant, sewage treatment works, breweries, vegetables,meet,mines as well as the chemicals andconstruction industries.

High efficiency, non-clogging, centrifugal pump,back dismantle, convenient border efficient to be maintained and reconditioned, Multiple choices for impeller:
1. B impeller----Closed non-clogging impeller
For clear water,the sewage and fluids containing solids and sludge which do not liberate gas.
2. D impeller----Closed multi-vane impeller
For clear water,the fluid containg slight suspension such as treated sewage,screen water,pulp water,sugar juices,and so on.
3. E type impeller----Open impeller
Same applications as N impeller but also including fluid containing air.
4. Z impeller----Free-flow impeller
For fluids containing coarse solids liable to bunch or plait(such as long fiber admixtures,sticky partles and so on and fluids containing air.


Paper Pulping Equipment Pump

Paper Pulping Pumpis mainly used to screen out various impurities in pulp suspensionis is widely used and mechanical wood pulp, sulphate wood pulp, straw pulp and waste paper pulping process of removing section and coarse select, when used for removing section, can be installed after the pulp washing process. The machine has large vibration amplitude, screening ability, high efficiency, low noise, easy operation, low maintenance rate, low energy consumption and energy saving, etc.

Slurry pumps are vertical, single stage, single suction cantilever pump, liquid tube base, separate from the cylinder, without shaft seal. Submerged parts of the shaft without bearing to accommodate transport containing solid particle medium. Pump immersion depth of the medium for 700~2000mm, you need to also be installed at entrance to the pump suction pipe.

Paper Making Pulp Pump


a. Single-stage Three Phase Flow Pump is suitable for paper industry.
b. Suitable for sugar industry.
c. Suitable for urban sewage treatment.
d. Suitable for food .

Two Phase Flow Pulp Pump

This type sugar transfer pump suitable for sugar industry, papermaking industry, foodstuff and so on department, transfer liquid which contains solid particle, mainly used to transfer pulp, sugar syrup, molasses and similar pulp, if change the impeller, and respectively suitable to transfer coarse pulp and screened pulp. The temperature of the conveyed medium no more than 80°C, the concentration of the medium: 4%-6%.

1.High efficiency and energy saving. The efficiency is 3-10% higher than the conventional sugar pump on average, energy saving and consumption reducing up to 15-30%
2.Cavitation performance, long life. Actual service life is 2-3 times higher than ordinarysugar pump
3.High concentrations, no plug. Transportation of pulp concentration of up to 6%
4.Reasonable structure, easy maintenance. Maintenance without dismantling piping, just move the motor backwards, you can carry out the disassembly and repair ofthe pump

Electric Industrial Pulp Pump
Pulp/White water/Green liquid/Fibre
thick dark liquid/Bittern water/sewage
pvc slurry/Polluted mud

Working Condition:
Pulp consistency:≤5%
Solid content:≤30%
Max Viscosity:300cP Normal temperature(24ºC)
Working Temperature Range:-20ºC - 100ºC
When working temperature exceeds 100ºC,shall clarify and in advance
Max Allowble Working Pressure(MAWP);PN1.MPa


Pulp Pumps Industrial Chemical Resistant Pump

The pump made of gray cast iron or thin high strength wear-resistant cast iron, it can also change the material according to user's requirement. Theflow passage components can be made of ductile iron, stainless steel, pump body seal ring is provided with a sealing device unique.
It can effectively stop reinforcement of high orlow pressure chamber water, particularly suitable for pumping high turbidity water sediment. Pump life is better than other types of pumps. The inletand outletare below the pump axis, a horizontal axis and straight, shaft sealswith packing seal in order to improve the service life to ensurehigh speed steam turbine running with high quality special materialbearing, Tin bronze bearing rolling device, Bus alloy bearing roller.When pumping the clean water,shaft packing will pumping the water from the top of pump cover. Shaft bearing cooling water will pumping the water from pump line, it suitable to pumping the water from outside.

Phosphorus Acid Pulp Pump

Food industry: To transfer spirit or wine, waste residue and addition in brewery.
Texil mill:To transfer synthetic fible liquid viscose liquid.
Paper making:To transfer black pulp.
Petro industry:In handing various oil, grease products.
Chemical industry:To transfer residue suspended liquid, emulsion liquid, aide liquid, soda liquid and salt liquid.
Ship building:To transfer residue oil, to be the butter worth pump, sewage pump and sea water pump set.
Build industry:To transter the mortar and plaster.
Nuclear industry:To transfer the redioactive liquid.
Metallurgical and mine:To transfer oxide and waste water, liquid exp;osive and drain off water from mine.

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