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Vacuum Absorb Single Facer Machine

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Vacuum Absorb Single Facer Machine is for producing the single flute corrugated cardboard. It is one type of Single Facer series. It is part of the Corrugated Cardboard Machine line & Automatic Corrugation Machine line.

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Vacuum Absorb Single Facer Machine for Cardboard Production Line 

Product Description of Vacuum Absorb Single Facer Machine
Single facer is designed for producing single-face corrugated paper, this machine is steam-type design, and easy to install.
This type of single facer machine could only produce one Flute corrugated paper, like A, B, C, E, F flute, etc. While you want to produce another flute paper, only to stop the machine and change the corrugator roll. 
Technical Parameters of Vacuum Absorb Single Facer Machine
Width mm Dimension (LxMxH) mm Weight T Gross Power Kw
1400 4700×1750×1630 9 33.3
1600 4900×1750×1630 10 33.3
1800 5100×1750×1630 11 41.3
2000 5300×1750×1630 12 41.3


Structure and features of Vacuum Absorb Single Facer Machine

1. Paper leading with Vacuum absorb model, have high-pressure & strong fan motor. The flow of the fan can be adjusted, and have a silencer; The electric control system fastens on an electrical case, which has min. 1.5meter distance from equipment, the operation side is completely independent.
2. Gimble drive system, separated structure, and independent drive case. Closed gear drive system with oiling lubrication, the usage life of the gears is highly prolonged.
3. Machine base and wallboard is cast iron structure, the thickness of the wallboard is 180mm.
4. Corrugated Roll: The material of corrugated roll is 52CrMo alloy, which is dealt with quench, and surface polish. The diameter of the roll is Ø 320mm, surface hardness is more than HRC60. The adjustment of up and down of roll is pneumatically controlled.
5. Press roll: Diameter is Ø320mm, the surface is worn down and chrome plated. The adjust of up and down of roll is pneumatic controlled, the material is Carbon Iron 45#, dealt with confection.
6. Pre-heater Roll: Diameter is Ø400mm, the surface is worn down and chrome plated. All are connected with soft metal pipes.
7. The bearing of corrugated roll and press roll are lubricated and high-temperature resistant.
8. Glue supply and quit is pneumatic controlled, the diameter of glue roll is Ø240mm, the surface of the roll has a concave netted rind, surface polish & chrome plated. The surface of the adjusted roll is surface polish & chrome plated.
9. Use electrical glue separate equipment, the glue part can run independently when the main motor stops, this can avoid the drying of the glue. (Choose by customer.)
10. Middle height of the corrugated roll is 0.10mm, middle height of the press roll is 0.075mm. Have place limit equipment, the diameter of the tightened cylinder is Ø160mm.




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