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Stainless Steel Suction Couch Roll For Paper Machine

Short Description:

Suction couch roll can remove more water from wet paper, increase the sensitivity of paper and compare with ordinary roller, and the paper is less crushed. The dehydration is uniform along the width of the width, and the blanket is more stable.

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Stainless Steel Suction Couch Roll For Paper Machine

Basic Info:

Face Length: 4550 mm
Coating: Rubber
Trademark: HUATAO
Specification: Customized
Origin: China
HS Code: 84391000


The main feature of the suction couch roll is that there are many through holes with smaller diameters on the roll shell. The through holes pass through the lining layer and the body layer, and the inner cavity of the roll shell maintains a continuous vacuum during operation. The function of the vacuum degree of the inner cavity of the vacuum press roll is to force the water squeezed out of the nip to pass through the felt, through the through holes on the vacuum roll, and enter the inner cavity of the roll shell. This process takes a certain amount of time. The higher the vacuum degree of the vacuum roller vacuum area, the shorter the time. In the same time, more water will be sucked out, and the paper will be dehydrated more, that is, the dehydration capacity of the vacuum roller the stronger.


Name: Suction Couch Roll
ShellMaterial: SS304plate
Coating: Rubber
OD: 850 mm
ID: 780mm
FaceLength: 4550mm
Drilledface: 4250mm
Quality Grades: G1.0, G1.6 and G2.5



1.Linear pressure reaches 380KN/M, 21-23% tapping area on the coated surface, 1000mpm speed.
2.Special bonding system ensures the safety under high speed and high linear pressure operation.
3.Excellent synthetic performance rubber ensures good wear resistance ,nip modality stable which helps obtaining paper sheet properties.

Packaging & Shipping:

Suction couch roll are packaged by wooden or steel box, the main characteristics of the products and which way our customsrequired will be thefactor that we think about when we choose the way to package.Following are more details.


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