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Upflow Pressure Screen for Tissue Paper Making Machine

Short Description:

Upflow Pressure Screen are used primarily to separate unwanted debris or contaminants from the desirable fibers in papermaking pulp. This is accomplished by flowing a pulp slurry over a surface that has many small holes or slots in it. Most of the small flexible fibers pass through the openings, and are accepted, and the larger particles which cannot pass through the openings are held back, or rejected.  A typical pressure screen consists of a vertical cylindrical housing that contains a perforated cylindrical screen basket. Within the basket is a spinning rotor which supports foils or protrusions that run close to the surface of screen. According to the slurry running direction, it can be divided into inflow pressure screen and outflow Pressure Screen.

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Upflow Pressure Screen for Tissue Paper Making Machine

The Pressure screen devide to Fiber Fractionating Screen,Up-folw Pressure screen also named Fine screen,Out folw Pressure screen also named fine screen,Infolw Pressure screen,Fibernet screen, Different design according the stage of pulp mills required.

Pressure screen structure is reasonable,move stably,easy to operate,It can creat a good economic benefit for customers.


Pressure Screen Features:

1. The upflow pressure screen can make light impurities and the air in the stock naturally go up to the outlet, while the heavy impurities deposit in the bottom and then be discharged, which greatly reduces the friction of the rotor and screen frame.

2. The pulp pressure screen is known for large production capacity and wide range of application. It is applicable to stock of various consistencies, like medium consistency stock (2%-3.5%) and low consistency stock (0.5%~1.2%).
3. The utilization of upflow structure design eliminates the turbulence that may cause the vibration of the screen. In addition, the upflow design can also prevent impurities from mixing with the stock.


Pressure Screen Specification:

Type HT-31 HT-32 HT-33 HT-34
Screen area: m2 1.2 2 3.2 4.2
Slot screen Width of screen slot: mm 0.15-0.45
Screen consistency: % 0.8-2.0
Flow rate: t/d 5-30 10-50 25-120 40-200
Power of motor: kw 15 30 45 75-90


Pressure Screen Advantages:

1. Working in high consistence pulp condition, which can up to 4%;
2. Special pipe for heavy impurities to protect drum;
3. Simple design and easy to operate, support consistent running, low maintenance cost;
4. Automatic alarming system, which can ensure the safety of device.



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