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Banana Roll For Paper Rewinding Machine

Short Description:

Banana rolls are suitable for all spreading applications in pulp and paper processes. Spreader rolls can be used for removing wrinkles from sheet and fabric, to correct tension profiles, and in slitters-winders to prevent interweaving of slit sheets.

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Banana  Roll For  Paper Rewinding Machine

Basic Info:

Working Speed: up to 2200m/ Min
Core Shaft Material: 45#
Trademark: HUATAO
Specification: Customized
Origin: China
HS Code: 84391000


In an industry striving to perform and bring top-quality paper to the market, well-known issues like creases and wrinklesin the paper, board and tissue can cut down production and impact machine efficiency. HUATAObrings its expertise inspreader roll technology to help you overcome these issues and provide safer and more efficient production.
Bow rolls suitable for all applications in the paper industry where there is a requirement to eliminate
creases and wrinkles from the material being processed or to prevent interweaving of slit widths of sheet in theslitter-winder application.
Our experience and advanced technology enables us to offer bow rolls suitable for all applications in the pulp andpaper industry for paper, board and tissue making and pulp drying.
Including Metal bow rollfor applications which require high wear and temperature resistance.
Rubber bow rollused in many machines sections and is especially appropriate for high moisture applications.,
Bow roll with adjustable bowallows operators to change the roll bow amount while the machine is running.


Name: Bow Roll
Diameter: 100~1000mm
Working speed: up to 2200m/ min
Shell: Chrome,Rubber cover,Stainless steel
Opitional: Stainless steel bearing housing
Function: Spreading paper to eleminate wrinkle


Manufacturing Standard:

1.Shell in seamless carbon steel pipe
2.Cast iron hubs
3.Alloy steel journals
4.Cast iron bearing housings
5.Grease lubrication


1.HUATAO have supplied a variety of high-performance spreader rolls that offer high durability to ensure stable operation without frequent maintenance.
2.By using a special bearing, we have further improved the performance and reliability of spreader rolls.
3.Using a reinforced axle, reduced flexure and vibration during operation, which significantly improves stability in high-speed rotation.


Seaworthy wooden case waterproof film, straw rope, carton box etc.



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